Arizona Painting Workshops

At the most Beautiful Places in Arizona

Painting Outdoor in the Desert landscape


I love to paint. I have a deep passion for painting. Some of my favorite places to paint are here in Arizona. What I enjoy even more is teaching others to paint and enjoy creating art. I believe the drive to create is something everyone shares. I teach painting workshops at some of Arizona’s most beautiful and unique areas. Whether we visit the intense, rugged beauty of the Sonoran Desert or the majestic mountains of the high country, you will learn the approaches of oil painting while surrounded by the gorgeous country found only in Arizona.

You will learn to paint your impressions of the landscape like the French Impressionists. To capture light and color and make your paintings really come alive. Come and study painting in the oldest tradition and get back into the landscape. Come and be inspired by Arizona.

Painting of the Senoran Desert in Painting Workshop



Upcoming Locations and Adventures in Painting

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